The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has warned participants in the building bridges initiative (BBI) forums against speeches and utterances that are abusive, exclusive, demeaning language and stereotyping or profiling of other people.

NCIC says organizers and leaders should be accountable for any unbecoming behavior or violent actions of their supporters and fans.

The  NCIC chairman Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia also called on the organizers of the BBI forums to ensure that the public rallies endeavor to address  issues and concerns of the respective regions and not to advance personal or political interests.

Addressing the press in Nairobi, Dr. Kobia further unveiled the 12 guidelines and principals to guide conversations on the BBI. They include:

  1. Building on the rich shared historical experiece of struggle to consolidate independence, by working living and together sharing our resources in the most equitable way. And defending and sustaining democracy and unity that we have nurtured in the last 57 years.
  2. All entrusted wit organizing the delegates forums and rallies as well as all speakers must safeguard the eof the BBI text; say what it is, avoid distortions, point out gaps and make suggestions and additions to improve on it
  3. Those who undertake to plan forums for delegates should have clarity on, and present the agenda in good time. The agenda shall guide conversations and resolutions at BBI public rallies.
  4. Ensure meaningful participation of women, youth and people with disabilities and recommendations.
  5. Ensure Peaceful management of both public rallies and the delegate forums. All Organizers and leaders should be accountable for unbecoming behavior or violent actions of their supporters and fans, as the supporters and fans will be held accountable individually and collectively for their behavior and any disruptions that they initiate.
  6. Highlight and emphasize that which unites us as Kenyans, by recognizing our heroes and heroines in all fields including champions of cohesion, healing and reconciliation
  7. Law enforcement agencies should ensure law and order at the BBI forums and rallies. They should maintain strict, firm and fair observance of the law for the safety and well being of all Kenyans attending the events, regardless of their positions in the society or political persuasions
  8. Affirm the dignity of every Kenyan irrespective of one’s station of life, implying celebrating richness of our ethnic diversity and essence of our cultures, names, songs, dances, cuisines, etc
  9. The forums and rallies should aim to celebrate our diversity with all its splendor and beauty while avoiding tendencies towards mentality of negativity
  10. Show respect to our institutions and their traditions by according them appropriate dignity, from the lowest to the highest
  11. Every person involved in rallies and forums must respect the freedom of expression of other people. Speeches and utterances must avoid abusive, exclusive, demeaning language and stereotyping or profiling of other people.
  12. All adults should set positive and constructive norms and sttitudes that our youth can emulate and internalize.

The NCIC guidelines comes ahead of the Narok BBI rally to be held on Saturday.