Christ is the ANSWER Ministries CITAM has nominated Reverend Calisto Odede as its presiding Bishop.

Rev. Calisto who has been serving at the Nairobi Baptist Church, will now be ratified on the 25th of April, during the CITAM Annual Delegates Conference. Once ratified, he will be consencrated in early June, to take over from Dr. David Oginde as CITAM Bishop.

Dr. Oginde has been at the helm of CITAM for 10 years, as per the ministry’s constitution.

Speaking to Hope Media, the outgoing Bishop Rev. Dr. David Oginde exuded confidence that the 29 CITAM assemblies are in support of Bishop elect Rev. Calisto Odede. Dr. Oginde made the announcement of the new Bishop to all the assemblies during the Sunday service.

This follows successful interviews conducted last Friday, February 28, with the Council of elders settling on Rev. Calisto among three candidates, to ascend to the office of bishop.

Bishop Oginde said CITAM will be looking forward to the consecration of Rev Odede as the new Bishop. He further said he is confident that the Bishop elect will bring his expertise to elevate the spirituality of the ministry.