Following the presidential directive on religious gatherings, many homes have now become ‘churches’ of their own, with Christians worshiping in their living rooms or online, in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Ahead of the curfew tonight, Christians can take this moment to grow their faith as families and grow deeper in the word of God.

This week alone, Hope FM has established that online church has skyrocketed showing that Kenyans are eager for establish their faith in God.

It has emerged that more Christians are using  zoom and other online platforms that allow face to face conversations to carry on with their weekly Christian activities as a way of ‘not killing the fellowship’ in these times where the government has asked as many as possible to stay at home as a way of preventing the spread of the Covid-19.

Several Bible study groups have opted to do their bible studies online as they encourage each other to keep the fellowship on.

Others have opted to have prayers together online and keep connected to each other.

However, these online platforms cannot be compared to the face to face fellowships, Christians are therefore urged to continue praying that this situation will end soon and that life will go back to normalcy.