Residents of Eastleigh Estate in Nairobi County and Old Town in Mombasa county will remain within the borders of their towns for 15 days in further efforts to Curb the Spread of Coronavirus. The two areas have been marked as Coronavirus hotspots after they recorded alarming numbers in just a short time.

Health Cabiner Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe said the government will not hesitate to take stringent measures, until Kenyans adhere to government’s directives and regulations on containing the Disease.

The country on Wednesday reported 47 more coronavirus cases raising the tally to 582. 32 of the cases were reported from Mombasa while 11 were from Nairobi county. Old town alone reported 18 new cases, raising alarm to authorities on the furious spread of the virus.

Markets in the locked down areas will be suspended, as well as restaurants and Eateries for the next 15 days.

“There will be closure of any markets, restaurants and eateries within those two areas – Eastleigh and Old Town – with effect from today May 6, 2020 at 7pm for the next 15 days.”

The Government has also waived the cost of Quarantine in government facilities, giving hope to Kenyans that should they be quarantined, they won’t be slapped with hefty bills.