The Children’s Court has dismissed an application by a woman who was seeking child support from Chief Justice David Maraga.

Magistrate GM Gitonga has ruled that the application by Mary Kwamboka Onyancha was not properly filed and that the applicant did not appear in court or send any lawyer to represent her.

The woman wanted child support for a six-year-old child she claimed was sired by the Chief Justice following an alleged affair in 2013.

According to Maraga’s lawyer Danstan Omari, the accuser and mother of the daughter alleged to have been sired by the CJ failed to show up in court.

Onyancha, is remembered for causing drama in court last month, while wailing in tears said she had been filing documents in court without response.

Kwamboka demanded Maraga to pay Sh161,000 monthly upkeep for the child which included Sh45,000 rent, Sh20,000 food, Sh5,000 for clothing among other expenses.

Responding to the accusations, Maraga termed them mere propaganda saying the birth certificate presented was fake.

CJ Maraga’s lawyer said the documents including the child’s birth certificate were a forgery but his client will not pursue any defamation against the woman.

The magistrate marked the case closed.