Anglican church of Kenya Butere Diocese bishop, the Right Reverend Timothy Wambunya has resigned from his post opting for a lesser position in England, setting the stage for a search of a new bishop in December.

Bishop Wambunya becomes the second bishop in less than two years to leave the prestigious episcopal seat after Bishop James Ochiel who opted for early retirement, with 10 years remaining before the mandatory retirement age of 65, last year.

Bishop Wambunya, who also has 10 years to retire, is set to become the vicar of St Paul’s Slough Parish in the UK.

As bishop of Butere Diocese, Wambunya presided over 50 parishes that straddle Butere Sub-county of Kakamega County and was a member of the House of Bishops – one of the highest decision making organs of the ACK, alongside the House of Clergy and the House of Laity.

In his resignation letter to ACK Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit, Bishop Wambunya cites the need to be with his family as the reason for leaving service in the Kenyan Province of the Anglican Communion.

Bishop Wambunya holds dual citizenship and his two sons are students in the UK.Dr Sapit acknowledged receiving the letter and recommending Wambunya for his new posting.

Health was the other major reason that necessitated the move as Bishop Wambunya stated in the letter. In April, the outgoing bishop contracted Covid-19 while coming from the UK and stayed at the Aga Khan Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 17 days. After being discharged, he continued recuperating at home in Nairobi.