It’s all systems go at all CITAM assemblies as the church gears up for in- house services starting this Sunday, the 13th September, 2020.

Speaking to Hope FM at CITAM Valley Road in Nairobi, the CITAM Deputy Bishop, Dr. Karita Mbagara said the sanctuaries are ready for the physical Church services after months of online worship. He said the churches have ensured they have followed all the ministry of health protocols as far as re-opening the church is concerned.

A spot check on some assemblies in Nairobi showed spaced sitting arrangements in line with the social distancing requirement, and hand sanitizers stationed strategically at the various entry points of the churches.

CITAM intends to hold two services on Sunday, that will take the required one and a half hours maximum. However, the deputy Bishop has asked all the people hoping to attend the physical church service to register using the CITAM website  or dial through Safaricom line *304*933#.

This, Bishop Karita says will help the church leadership follow the laid down procedures.

When the interfaith council first announced the phase re-opening of places of worship, CITAM, among other mega churches opted not to re-open immediately.

Some churches that have already opened for in-house worship. However, notable low turnout has been recorded in most churches with most congregants opting to continue with online services offered by their respective church groups.

According to a noticed released to all CITAM members concerning the re-opening and signed by the presiding Bishop Rev. Dr. David Oginde, despite the provision of having children of 6 years and above, there will however, be no Sunday school and Teens services in the phase one re-opening.