Sombre mood in 5 schools along West Pokot-Elgeyo Marakwet border where learners didn’t sit for KCPE/KPSEA Exams due to banditry.


Learners from five schools in troubled Chesegon and Cheptulel areas in Pokot Central Sub County in West Pokot County did not sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exams this year due to banditry witnessed in the region.

The schools Cheptulel,Samplomoi,Chesegon, Arpollo and Ksa primary schools along the West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet border point were closed two years ago following rampant killings and attacks in the region.

Speaking to hope Media on Friday locals lamented that they have nothing to celebrate about in the just released KCPE results as many of their children missed the examinations due to insecurity.

A few learners, who sat for the exams, did not perform well due to runaway insecurity that has been rampant in the region.

A spot check in the affected schools shows ugly scenes and ruins of vandalized property by bandits, destroyed empty desks and scattered books on floors of classrooms, long grown grasses and twigs and anthills homes are seen in the schools compounds.

Other schools that were partially affected are Cheptulel Boys and Girls where bandits have been terrorizing residents in the past months.

Cheptulel Boys High schools learners were transferred to Surumben area, 5O kilometers away where they are learning from

Villages remain deserted after locals migrated from the area due to fear of perennial attacks.

Residents and professionals from the area who protested while carrying placards written peace messages on Friday evening said learning was affected hence poor KCPE results.

On Friday evening, Journalists and locals who were escorted by a heavy security team trekked for more than ten kilometers climbing hills in thickest bushes visiting the affected schools to ascertain the situation.

Hundreds of goats were driven away from the Cheptulel area even during the time of the visit on Friday.

Locals, have described the closure of the schools as unfortunate