Sunday, the 29th of November , 2020 was an eventful day for Pastor David Ochillo, as he witnessed the launch of his book, dubbed ‘The Word Bank’.

David says this is ‘ the beginning of journey to spread the word of God’.

The catchy title of the book was rightly derived from the international financial institution, the World Bank, that is known for providing loans and grants to governments.

Complete with the operatives of lending, saving and loaning, David in his book, has borrowed various illustrations from the goings-on at the Bank. He draws his readers into the intrigues of saving and withdrawing money from a bank, to the Christian practice of reading and putting into action their Faith. In so doing, he uses simple explanations and lessons, backed by quotes from the Bible.

The author enjoys the interplay of the words ‘Word Bank’ and ‘World Bank’, and rubber-stamps the eternal value of reading the Word of GOD (The Bible), and saving or storing it as a treasure, in a spiritual account in a believer’s heart. He points out that nothing saved into the spiritual account equals to nothing withdrawn from it.

David also relevantly uses his book to direct Christians, referred to as Word Millionaires, into investing in, by reading and meditating, on GOD’s Word today, so that they will escape during the evil days. He points out that whatever a believer feeds the heart with, that h/she will surely get in return. He however cautions that hearts are the first targets of the enemy, and just like a bank is prone to attacks , the heart must be guarded at all costs.

‘The Word Bank’ was published by Oracle House. Its foreword was penned by Bishop Dr. Barack Odoro Ondiek, of Voice of Salvation and Healing Church, Nairobi East Region.

The Bishop has lauded David for his “scriptural balance and practical presentation of the book, by bringing out the analogy of money banking which can be withdrawn for appropriate use”.