Prudential Life Assurance Kenya has donated learning materials valued at Ksh 9.3 million to 50 schools across Kenya, to benefit 15,000 secondary school students from under-privileged families. This, as the government delays re-opening of schools till January next year.

The beneficiaries will receive printed learning materials distributed through 50 schools across the country. Over 11,250 students in Form 1, 2 and 3 will receive reading and revision materials while 3,750 Form 4 learners will  receive revision materials to prepare for the national exams.

The two-month project will also provide sanitary wear for more than 4,000 female learners.

Speaking during the donation, Prudential Kenya Chief Executive Officer Raxit Soni said Education is an important investment by any community in its people and we appreciate the hardships that students have to endure daily due to the closure of schools which compromises their ability to keep up with their education especially during this time of Covid-19,”

Kenya Education Fund  Country Director Dominic Muasya lauded Prudential saying the gesture will make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of high school students lacking access to virtual learning opportunities.

“The beneficiaries of this project hail from some of the most vulnerable communities grappling with the harsh impact of the coronavirus pandemic on social life. Improving learning outcomes is crucial in ensuring that students in such places are not left behind,” stated Muasya.

Research by the NGO Usawa Agenda shows 80 percent of Kenya learners are missing out on virtual learning during this time of Covid-19. The most affected are those in poor, rural communities lacking modern infrastructure to support e-learning.

Female students in such communities normally access sanitary pads at school but with learning institutions shut, they are exposed to unhygienic practices and social stigma.