Pesapal has optimized Reserveport, its online payment acceptance solution for hotel and restaurants, to enable customers to make direct orders, creating a seamless online ordering experience for customers and restaurant staff. 

Under this arrangement, Pesapal has integrated with Uber Eats to enable direct ordering with the kitchen production system.

This integration has been piloted at Artcaffé Capital Centre and Artcaffé Village Market, with plans to roll it out to more restaurants and integrate to more food delivery apps.

Pesapal Senior Software Specialist, Julia Waza pointed out that the COVID 19 pandemic ushered in an online ordering boom for restaurants prompting the  industry to constantly innovate to ensure seamless online transactions and respond to emerging trends in the culinary eco-system.

“With our integration with Oracle, orders from Uber Eats are posted directly to the restaurant’s point-of-sale, which means no more manual entry of orders at the cash register, eliminating expensive equipment, lost orders, and the time-consuming manual order entry process,”  Waza said.

She added:

“The next frontier for restaurants is to expand hospitality through technology. This integration allows restaurants with minimum staff to run more efficiently – something our customers are finding integral to their operations as restaurants across the country continue to minimize costs as part of their recovery from the pandemic.”

These innovative digital solutions are helping restaurant owners and managers to run their businesses more efficiently and sustainably whilst safeguarding against instances of theft and faulty reporting.

For restaurants, Reserveport enables all online menus and orders to be managed from one central platform while orders from delivery apps are directly posted to your point-of-sale.

Pesapal has a variety of solutions for hotels and restaurants. These include Pesapal Sabi Point of Sale terminal/PDQ, Payment Links, Invoicing and Ticketsasa.

Through these solutions, Pesapal is enabling restaurants and hotels to maximize the convergence of digital and brick-and-mortar operations.