Sunday, June 7, 2020, was an exuberant day, as friends and congregants  at the Fruitful Centre Church in Nairobi witnessed the launch of “The Oasis of Inner Healing”, a book authored by Isaiah Owino. The born-again,husband to Emma and father to Gianna, penned the book at a time when Kenyans and indeed the world over, are grappling with the physical and emotional turmoil occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the midst of the uncertainty of job losses, physical challenges, and many other family challenges that people would face, Isaiah confesses that GOD spoke to mend his heart, as he too, faced these challenges.

The book published by Firm choice Stationary in Nairobi, emphasizes the need for a person, more so a christian, to guard their heart. In the book, Isaiah shares about the “mending of torn hearts”. He shares about his own personal experience with loss of a job, a young marriage, and his friends who faced still birth and miscarriages. These, he points out, are some of the challenges that life can throw your way.

Isaiah, however encourages those who face such difficulties  in his book which was launched on the Fruitful Centre Church facebook page. He intends to stock the copies at Scripture Union bookstores.