The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has warned that mobile phone subscribers who fail to register their details with their respective telecommunication service providers by April 15 will face disconnection.

CA Director General (DG) Ezra Chiloba says the move is to enforce the SIM card registration regulations of 2015 and is aimed at combating cybercrime and fraud in the digital space.Chiloba said the communication authority will not extend the ongoing SIM card registration deadline and urged unregistered mobile subscribers to do so in the remaining days and asked all mobile network operators to speed up the data cleanup exercise.

He asked all mobile network operators to speed up the data cleanup exercise noting that no more time will be added upon the expiry of the grace period noting that unregistered sim cards have security implications.

This comes as Safaricom and Airtel  filed a notice of appointment of law firms to defend the telecommunications firms in a case filed by a Kenyan residing in the UK seeking to block fresh registration of mobile phone SIM cards.

Philip Omoiti An advocate of the high court, has meanwhile indicated that he is filing a demand notice  for the Communications Authority to elaborate why Kenyans need to re-register their sim cards and what purpose such re-registration intends to achieve.