Photo Courtesy, Mangu High school

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has maintained that the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education has been clear of leakage stating that this will be sustained till the end.

Speaking to reporters as he supervised the start of KCSE in Kisumu this morning, the CS explained measures such as supervising the start of the exams and opening the papers from containers and taking away mobile phones from exam centers.

“We do not need cellphones in the examination centers except two cellphones for emergency purposes. One for the center manager and another one which will be with the security team. Reason being, there could be something that is interactive, a child may fall seek and there may be need for communication. This is the enemy of the exam process for our children. Everyone else will leave their phones at home”, Magoha stated.

This comes as  university student Oscar Brighton, who had been found in possession of KCPE and KCSE exam papers was  freed on Sh1m bond after pleading not guilty to  the charges of being in unlawful possession of the papers.

Separately, Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary Dr. Julius Jwan has assured it was difficult for the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams to leak owing to the stringent security measures the government had put in place.

“In our context, when an exam leaks then it means people have access to it days before it sat, as you have seen the way the exam is packaged, no exam is seen before it leaves the container”, reiterated Dr. Jwan.

Dr. Jwan  however said the only cases that have emerged involved two School Principals who opened the second examination paper minutes before it started. The Principal Secretary was speaking at the Bomet County Commissioners office after witnessing the distribution of KCSE examination transcripts to various Examination Managers in the County.

He said unscrupulous people who open an examination paper 40minutes before stipulated time cannot help the candidates apart from confusing them. Dr. Jwan called on University as well as College Students to abstain from abetting examination malpractices.