Migori Governor Okoth Obado arriving for the hearing of a murder case involving University student Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby. The hearing is expected to take 4 days.


The Murder trial of the case against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, and his two co-accused Caspal Obiero and Michael Oyamo, continued today, with the 6th witness, Police Constable Willy Okoti , taking to the stand.

Okoti told the court sitting at the Milimani Law courts, that he recorded the initial statement about Sharon’s abduction. Okoti narrated how a witness under protection reported at Kadel Police station how Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s personal assistants Sharon Otieno and a witness under protection to a car and drove off.

Okoti told trial Judge Cecilia Githua how a good Samaritan dropped off the witness after he managed to escape from the moving vehicle. The witness had then reported to the police how he had jumped out of the vehicle after the aides and two other men threatened with death because of his involvement in investigating allegations that Obado had impregnated the late Sharon.

Yesterday, Government forensic analyst Kimani Mungai informed the court that the Migori Governor had indeed sired the late Sharon’s, unborn baby.

Mungai told the court that from the examinations his office had conducted , there is a 99.99 per cent chance that Obado is the biological father of the foetus and excluded the co-accused Michael Oyamo as the biological father to the foetus.

Mungai further said the DNA from jumper jackets, pair of trousers, the open shoes, the vagina swab and the blazer matched the one generated from Sharon, however the DNA from the condom that was found at the murder scene did not belong to any of the accused persons before the court.

Obado, who is a suspect in Sharon’s murder and the father of the child, watched as the images were projected on a TV screen in court.

The assistant director of public prosecutions Catherine Mwaniki said Sharon’s murder is a puzzle but with the evidence obtained, their witnesses will create a complete picture of what transpired prior to and after the murder.

She said the prosecution team will demonstrate to the court how Obado and his co-accused created the opportunity, facilitated the crime, orchestrated the deliberate cover-up of the murders and how they willfully engaged in actions aimed at obstructing justice.

The Office of the Director of Public prosecutions (ODPP ) has indicated that it is set to present different pieces of information, facts, in-depth analysis and deployment of enhanced forensic capabilities by diverse credible witnesses to create a complete picture of what transpired prior to, on the fateful day and after the horrific murder.