Head of Public Service Felix Koskei has lauded the digitization and automation of Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) services saying they will curb corruption and enhance efficiency.

speaking during the launch of the KEBS app, Koskei said digitization will minimize human interventions in the organization’s operations, adding that the government is committed to reforming KEBS to protect Kenyans from substandard and prohibited products.

“The KEBS APP will now facilitate an interactive interface for customers to apply for marks of quality, verify the conformity of products and eligibility of staff members as well as make real-time enquiries and give feedback on KEBS services, ” he said.

Koskei urged KEBS to review ‘standardization’ criteria used to disqualify and discourage young hustlers from establishing manufacturing and cottage industries.

“These industries are meant to provide increased employment opportunities for the hustler nation and provide additional taxable revenue, which will then be committed to the task of nation-building,” he said.
He also asked the organization to sensitize and engage entrepreneurs on the importance of adhering to set standards.
He reiterated President William Ruto’s commitment to fighting corruption, saying the government will take decisive action against those who breach public trust.
The Head of Public Service said the government is re-igniting the anti-corruption war actors, and re-establishing the Multi-Agency Team Against Corruption (MAT).
Koskei also toured KEBS laboratories, led by Dr. Henry Rotich, Director Metrology and Testing, which have state of the art machinery to ensure different products are subjected to extensive tests to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria.